Energizing the Lives of Seniors in Perry Hall, MD


2018 Class Offerings

Late registrations accepted on a space available basis for Spring Classes

Most spring classes will end mid June. The summer session begins the first week in July.   

Summer class registration begins Tuesday, June 12. We will have a new sign up procedure for our popular classes. You must pick a line to stand in if you are signing up for Enhanced Fitness, Strength Training, and any of the Core N' More classes.  Once you get an envelope for your first choice you may get into  line for a second class, etc. Those signing up for any other classes are asked to come after 10 am or later in the week. If you are not available to come that morning to sign up for one of the exercise classes then please send a proxy. We are not longer giving out two envelopes to an individual. Your proxy does not need to be a member of the center; just send them with your payment and your contact information.