Meeting Minutes

The Executive Board meets on the 3rd Monday of the month to discuss center business. The council president presides over the meeting and it is attended by elected officers. Click on the link below for the most recently available minutes from the meeting.

A Membership Meeting is held every other Month (June, August, October, December, February, April) on the 4th Monday at 12:30 pm. Usually a lunch is served at Noon. All members of the center are encouraged to attend as center business is discussed and voted on. A $50 gift card is raffled off at the end of the meeting and snacks are served.

As of May 10, the following center members have submitted their name for the following board member positions. Nominations close on May 20. If more then one person is running for a position then we will have elections the week of June 17. You’ll need to show your current membership card to vote. Please join us for our annual council meeting on Monday, June 24. We will serve sloppy joe and chips for lunch at noon for $5, in advance. Councilman Marks will present the

Volunteer of the Year Award and the new officers will be sworn in.

President - Jim Lightner Recording Secretary - Janet Hess
Vice President - Ed Konig Corresponding Secretary - Edie Dietrich
Treasurer - Carol Parks Sargent at Arms - Gary Durandetto
1st Asst. Treasurer - Gene Laytar Member at Large - Walt Wujek
2nd Asst. Treasurer - Gale Griffin Member at Large - Betty O’Carroll

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